castle garden of water to beyond

Twelve months in a Japanese garden in Edinburgh

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With thanks to everyone who joined me at the Castle Garden of Water to Beyond in 2014.

Ken Cockburn


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January – Ken’s post

I made the first visits to the garden at the end of the month – two, as no single date suited everyone. Tim and David came on Thursday 30th, Alice and Grazyna on Friday 31st, the latter with a dog each, a labrador and a Scottish deerhound respectively.

A taking of bearings, a gathering of first impressions, of place and season. High clouds – the sound of a plane coming in along the firth, heading for the airport a mile or so to the west – a racket of rooks in the tall trees, on Thursday at least, they were silent or elsewhere on Friday – the asymetrical wall which, viewed from the top of the steps, looks like water – stillness and pallor – the sound of rain – cold hands, from taking out and putting away camera and notebook – Alice comments on the severe pruning the cherry trees have undergone, and later writes to tell me she gave me the wrong name for a yellow-fringed plant, I wrote down ‘hemerocallis’, but in fact, she tells me, it’s ‘hamamelis’, or witch hazel – it’s Chinese New Year, and this is the Year of the Horse, so Alice brings a totemic horse to guide us.

Here are a few photos from the two afternoons. The labels with drawings are by David; that with text, by me.

Ken Cockburn, 6 February 2014