castle garden of water to beyond

Twelve months in a Japanese garden in Edinburgh

October – Ken’s Post

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For the first time I cycle here, along the cycle path until it hits the main road at Davidson’s Mains.

From the car park I walk down the side path near the road and take the long way round to reach the bottom gate, that nearest the shore; but it seems wrong, a breach of etiquette, to enter here, so I continue to the side gate and follow the path which leads me over the bridge into the garden.

Drinking tea and listening to the wind, in the distance I see a group of oystercatchers rise from the field near the shore. There are four girls in the garden, playing hide-and-seek – after some complex counting the seeking pair shout “ready or not!” and move down the steps.



Author: Castle Garden of Water to Beyond 2014

Poet Ken Cockburn decided to visit the Japanese garden at Lauriston Castle in Edinburgh once a month during 2014, and to invite a group of friends to join him on these visits. The idea is to get a sense of the garden as it changes over the year, to meet and talk socially in an outdoor setting, and to make of it what we will…

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